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10 Times Skin Salvation Saved Me While Traveling Around The World

3 months, 4 continents, 7 countries and countless once in a lifetime experiences. In September 2018, my boyfriend and I embarked on a trip around the world. We visited Morocco, Barcelona, Egypt, Greece, Thailand, Vietnam, China and ending with a roadtrip from Vancouver to Calgary. We needed to be prepared for many different climates, and therefore only packed the essentials; including a jar of Skin Salvation, of course! At only 50ml it came in my carry-on everywhere that we went. From the get go it became obvious that it was going to be an absolute staple. We often tell customers how versatile Skin Salvation is and during this trip, that proved to be extremely true. Here are some of the ways we used Skin Salvation during our grand adventure…


1. Dry Hands on the Airplane

Our adventure included 20+ flights varying from 30mins to 11hours. As someone with dry skin, the combination of stale air, A.C and sanitizers usually leaves my hands painfully dry when flying. This time was different- after massaging one application of Skin Salvation into my hands I was set for the whole flight!


2. Emergency Hair Conditioner

The Greek Islands were absolutely beautiful, however after a very windy, rainy, ferry ride, my hair was not. With just a travel sized brush and hotel shampoo- I thought I was doomed! Once I was out of the shower (and failed to get a brush though my tangled locks), I decided to add a dime-sized amount of Skin Salvation to the bottom half of my still wet hair. The natural oils made combing my hair EFFORTLESS! Not to mention my hair had a beautiful, healthy shine once it dried.... Although this is one of the more unusual uses, in this situation it was an absolute LIFE SAVER.


3. Chapped Lips

in the Middle East The dry heat we experience in Egypt and Morocco left our lips dry and cracking. One of the more common ways that our customers use Skin Salvation is as an intensive lip balm. Being completely natural, it’s totally safe to go around kids’ mouths too. Skin Salvation was formulated with the attitude that if we can’t put it IN our body, we don’t want it ON our body!


4. Scrapes and Scratches

A few seconds after this photo was taken, my boyfriend attempted to slide down this waterfall like the locals of northern Thailand. It is probably not surprising to you that he ended up with a big gash on his back, along with lots of scratches and bruising...Skin Salvation to the rescue! 2-3 applications a day and his back quickly healed without infection or scaring!


5. Tattoo Moisturizer

Halfway through our trip, in Phuket, Thailand, we decided to get small tattoos done by an amazing artist that we met. If you’ve ever had a tattoo done, you know keeping it clean and moisturized for the first week is super important. They usually recommend an un-scented lotion like Lubidem (I used this for my first tattoo years ago….). Skin Salvation was the perfect natural substitute! The tattoo’s healed significantly better and faster than my previous one- no surprise.


6. After Shaving My Legs

On this particular day I used a razor purchased for $1 at a 7/11 in Vietnam. You can imagine the quality.... After shaving, I use a quarter sized amount, massage it into my hands, and that’s enough to calm any irritation and leave my legs silky smooth all day long. This is one use for skin salvation that I cannot recommend enough!


7. Sun Burn Aftercare

For 2 days we stayed in a tent in the middle of the Sahara desert. Our fair skin didn’t stand a chance against he relentless Moroccan sun. Luckily Skin Salvation helps to heal and soothe burns of all kinds! Several applications per day and our skin healed without any peeling or blisters.


8. Bug Bites

This photo was taken in Khao Sok, a provincial park within the vast rainforest of Thailand. Sleeping in a hut surrounded by jungle wildlife was incredible; the bugs however, were not. The extremely pure, therapeutic grade essential oils found in Skin Salvation have infinite benefits, but specific to bug bites, it is Lavender that combats the pain and itchiness.


9. Eczema Breakout

A 3-day hike through the mountains and rice fields of northern Vietnam was one of the highlights of our trip. We paired down even further for this adventure, taking just one small backpack. Even still, Skin Salvation came along! I was sure glad I had it, as this is when I had my only eczema flare up of the trip. My eczema usually spreads quickly, but Skin Salvation stopped it in its tracks! It feels great to personally know the relief our customers get from using it on this frustrating condition.


10. Protective Barrier for my Nose 

After arriving in the shockingly cold climate of British Columbia, with less than enough warm clothing, I quickly came down with a cold. I used Skin Salvation under and around my noes to create a barrier that protected my nose from the constant irritation of a rough tissue. I applied a small amount 3-5 times per day and it made the world of difference. Thanks to the organic beeswax, Skin Salvation creates a protective barrier that lasts all day, allowing for healing and protection against irritation and dryness.


There are so many more uses I could talk about. Cracking heels, mystery rashes, daily face moisturizer... I could go on! There are truly infinite uses, however the 10 above were particularly helpful on this trip around the world. The best part? Even after using Skin Salvation every single day, I still came home with about a quarter of the jar left. When products are highly concentrated and made with top quality ingredients, a little goes a long way.

Armed with the natural healing powers of Skin Salvation, I am excited to where the next adventure will take me. If you are thinking of planning a trip to any of these amazing destinations, drop me a line, I'd love chat! 


Tara Southcott

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