Solful Organics is not just a brand or a business, it is the heartbeat of a movement at the forefront of society. A movement that is calling for more transparency, safety, efficacy and integrity when it comes to our health and products formulated for our wellbeing.

We take great pride in being completely natural, transparent and educational with all of our products. Solful formulates all products with ingredients that are sustainable, natural and are proven to have therapeutic benefits. Using the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils, sourced indigenously and sustainably from all around the world combined with careful formulation and addition of powerful plant magic (aka herbal medicine) we are proud to produce and present our incredible line of Organic skin + body care products.

What started with a single product, created from a mothers need to help soothe her child’s skin quickly developed into a community of people looking for alternative solutions to their every day skin issues. As a mom I wanted to have something that was safe for everyone in my family from baby bottoms to Nana’s eczema and everyone in between.

Skin Salvation was our very first product to hit the shelves, after creating it to address skin issues in our home, we soon began sharing the incredible soothing capabilities with other families who were searching for something similar. Unknowingly a business was born, one that would quickly evolve from the kitchen table to the global market!


Growing up on Vancouver Island, nature was always my medicine, and I developed a strong respect and desire to protect that medicine. Being a literal tree hugger it only made sense to partner with an organization that focused on the preservation and reforestation of these beautiful gifts from nature. Our partnership with One Tree Planted ensures that with each purchase YOU make, WE plant one tree in appreciation and gratitude <3

Solful is also an enthusiastic voice and participant of many community events and organizations. We believe that through supporting our communities needs, we become the thread that holds the fabric of humanity together. You can find us throughout the year supporting various charitable organizations.


Kyla Holt

As a mother of five with a passion for living a natural lifestyle, Kyla formulated Skin Salvation as a healing cream for her own children and family. She knows many families will benefit from Solful's products and is excited to share her knowledge of natural living with as many people as possible.